Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello!! Its been a while since I posted anything!!  I attended a most informative and fun Copic Marker coloring workshop with Wendy Ramlakahn but I will post details about it later!  Not much time today! But I wanted to post some practice blending I did this morning with blue Copic markers I have available.

I don't have all trios, but I practiced with the ones I have.  Here's the end result.  I used the cardstock I had available, which I hoped was thicker, but its what I found locally (Target).  It worked fine.  I wrote down the markers I used and in the order I colored with them.

Bright White Neenha Cardstock 65lbs

I wanted to try the blue markers I had and I think the balloon stamp worked nicely.
I especially like the combo for B39, B29, and B24.  That one would look great for denim.
I will post more as I try out my markers.  I like to experiment but different numbers to see what combinations I can come up with! FUN!

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