Monday, March 18, 2013

Journey of a Beginner Crafter

Everybody has a blog so I guess I will start mine too!

I am starting a new hobby that I never thought I would get into. Scrap booking never attracted me but the card making part of it I am really loving.  I heard the expression "stamping" a lot and could not figure out what they were talking about until I actually saw it.  I love art and stamping is just what I would love to learn and be more proficient at.  There are so many wonderful artists out there and the first one that inspired me was Wendy Ramlakhan.  We are friends in Facebook and I got to see her work which really inspired me.  So, I have entered in this journey of learning a new hobby and I have already spent more money on it than I had ever plan to. 

I am purchasing Copic markers but will not limit myself to them.  I want to experience with different kinds.  There are also other options out there that I want to try.  But Copic markers are the first one I will start with.  If I have the opportunity, I will take some classes on Stamping and Copic coloring BUT for now I am learning this craft "solo!"

I just mention that I am avid cake decorator and I will post some cakes here too.  I wonder if I can mix these two crafts together... We shall see!

Lets start the journey!



  1. You are going to love this hobbie. You are very artistic with your cake decoration. I am sure you will do great with the cards. Enjoy the hobbie!

  2. Thank you Anna!! I am looking forward to seeing your crafty work as well!! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comments! :)

  3. Thanks for linking to my blog, that is very sweet of you. I'm thrilled that I inspired you to start this new hobby. I think you are really going to enjoy yourself. :)

    1. Thank you, Wendy. I really do appreciate your help and your work is amazing! There is no turning back now! :)


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