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Friday, August 23, 2013

Dr. Who!!  Many of us know of the very old British TV show where an alien travels in a phone booth through the universe and through time (time travel).  I've become a fan and my husband is die hard fan! He is the one that got me into it.  So, I made a cake with Dr. Who's theme and of course, his birthday card. 

This is a coloring image I obtained online from http://chitanzer.deviantart.com.  Thank you for sharing the image!!  I had coloring it!!  And of course, giving credit to BBC for their awesome DR. Who TV show! Its an image of Dr. Who (younger) leaning on one of his enemies: The Daleks.

Copic Markers Used:

Coat: C3, C5, N0
Hair and Face: E13, E11, E00, E15
Suit: B29, B29 and B12
Tie and Shoes: R14, R11
Dalek: YR02, YR04, YR07
C3, C5, C7

In looking at it, I forgot to color the sonic "screw driver" he is holding on his hand! :P Oh, well! So there it is.  My husband loved his card!

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